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    I have always viewed business as just another canvas

    Digital Makreting Agency
    Founded 2015

    Rigmarole is a digital marketing agency that partners with mid-sized businesses to help them expand their reach and generate more demand by building and operating modern marketing systems using cutting-edge technology, methodology, and design.
    Modular Data Center Solutions
    Founded 2013

    Magnum Data Centers focuses on delivering business-critcal modular data center solutions that are designed for rapid deployment, energy efficiency, and high-density computing to deliver capacity at a lower cost than traditional construction methods and significantly reduce the construction time from years to a matter of weeks.
    Professional Merch Management 
    Founded 2010

    Merch Fanatics are rare individuals expertly skilled in creativity + commerce. They choose the best looks and trends, mixing and matching categories, styles, and silhouettes to boost the appeal of your merch line while being mindful of the bottom line.
    Boutique Turnaround Firm
    Founded 2010

    YouSeekUnique businesses increase traction and momentum by developing and driving organizational alignment and strategic execution.


    Raw Talent

    Entertainment Merchandise Producers
    Founded 2002 (exp. 2010)

    Industry-leading merchandiser that designed and manufactured retail apparel for many of the country's top brands.
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    Cody Murray

    Faithful husband, father, friend, entrepreneur, painter, teacher, speaker, community leader, and student
    Parents met @40Watt + only child born in Athens, Ga + grew up in a one horse town called Winder + lived in Manhattan (TriBeCa) when I was very young + never lost the passion for The City + lost my folks + had some rough years + started a business + worked incredibly hard + moved to Atlanta + met my wife and daughter + had a life changing experience + sold my business  + moved to the Classic City + started another business or two or three + served as needed + got involved in startup community development + made some awesome friends + had a son + started a killer digital agency + had another son & have loved every single minute of it